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Rates + Packages

Bridal Henna

Bridal henna rates depend on the design,

intricacy and length of pattern.

  1. Simple Bridal: $150 - $280
    (light modern bridal design on hands, up-to wrists. No Feet)
  2. Moderate Bridal: $300- $400
    (Intricate medium to heavy design on arms; up-to mid forearms, with light to medium design on feet up to ankles).
  3. Heavy Bridal: $425 - $550+
    (Intricate traditional design on arms up-to elbows, with light to heavy design on feet. Additional $50- $100 for any personalized elements).

Included with all packages:
* Natural henna (made using all natural ingredients)
*Complimentary embellishments (upon request)
*Natural coating o seal/protect the henna

*Minimum booking of $250 required to travel to areas within Toronto and Durham

*Minimum booking of $300 required to travel to all other locations in GTA

*Additional travel fees may apply


Henna Parties:

$90/hour with lead artist
(Approximately 12 simple party designs or 4-6 medium/heavy party designs per hour)

Additional artists: $75/hour per assistant artist

White Henna
$120/hour with lead artist.
White henna does not stain. Not suitable for people with eczema or any skin sensitivity.
(see FAQ for more info)

Corporate/Other Events

$130/hour with lead artist

Additional Artists: $100/hour per artist

*Complimentary embellishments provided

*Minimum 2 hour booking required

*Additional travel fees apply

Private Sessions

  • Standard henna designs: Starting at $10+ per side.

  • Henna tattoos (non-traditional designs): $20+ per design
  • Prenatal Henna: $50+
  • White Henna: Starting at $25 per side

*All private sessions take place at our location in Toronto
*Minimum $50 booking required.

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